How We Work

Booking an appointment 

Appointments can be arranged by phoning our reception team on 04 298 6807. Please note we do not book appointments by email.

Standard appointments are 15 minutes. Some services require extra time including driver licence medicals, employment medicals, and medicals for sports or travel. Please notify our team if you wish to book anything other than a standard appointment, so we can allow enough time and quote you appropriately.

At your appointment 

Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, we may be unable to see you, and may need to reschedule your appointment.

If you present to your appointment with several concerns, we may not be able address everything within 15 minutes, please do not be offended if we ask you to book another appointment to discuss anything we didn’t get to within the 15 minutes. We will always try and start the consult with your most urgent concern.

Booking an on-the-day appointment (triage)

If you feel you need to see the doctor urgently, please phone us between 8.30am and 9am, Monday to Friday, to access our triage service. A doctor will return your phone call, ask about your symptoms, and book you for an on-the-day appointment if needed. In some instances, we will be able to assist over the phone, saving you the need to come into the practice.

Ordering repeat prescriptions

The simplest way to request a repeat prescription is via Manage My Health, our patient portal. Prescriptions can also be ordered via our reception team by phoning us. We require 72 hours, or 3 working days, to process repeat prescriptions requests. We are unable to process urgent prescription requests. In the event that you require medication urgently, your community pharmacist can provide you with a 72-hour emergency supply of medication while we prepare your prescription.

Repeat prescriptions will only be issued for medications that you been prescribed previously by your GP, and that you have agreed together are appropriate to be repeated without needing an appointment.  Please have an itemised list of your medication ready when you ring us to request your prescription in order to avoid any errors in processing.

Using Manage My Health to contact our doctors and nurses

You are able to email our doctors and nurses using Manage My Health. There may be a charge for a doctor to respond to your email, particularly if the problem is complex or requires the doctor to respond, do a prescription, write a letter or write a referral letter. Charges can be up to a consultation charge depending on what is required (please note similar charges may apply to telephone calls to the doctor or nurses).

Due to workload and staffing shortages the doctors have a personal assistant helping to process Manage My Health emails. The assistant may need to contact you to clarify information or may email you to suggest an appointment is needed, especially if it is a complex issue.  Please be aware all our staff are bound by confidentiality and have been trained accordingly.

Test results

 Awanui Labs (previously Wellington SCL) is located at 129a Rimu Road, Paraparaumu, and is open 7:30am – 4: 30pm weekdays and 8am – 11:50am Saturday for blood tests and specimen drop-off. Results are usually reported within 48 hours. You will only be contacted if there is a significant result. You are welcome to phone the nurses if you wish to be advised of your results. Results will be sent to Manage My Health after they have been reviewed by your GP.

Extended medical team

General practices need to change to help manage the demands of health care. In order to continue to offer you a great service, we are developing new roles within our team. These include:

Clinical assistant / personal assistants: these are non-clinical staff who have undergone extra training. They work within a framework, with ongoing support. Their role includes helping manage paperwork demands, including emails and results that come in to clinical staff. They also help with recalling patients for investigations and screening.

Clinical Pharmacist: We have a clinical pharmacist working with us. They carry out medication reviews and are involved in audit. Clinical pharmacists advise the doctors on good prescribing and current guidelines. The doctor can refer you to them if they are concerned about your medication because of a combination of treatments, or if you are on a lot of medications.

As time goes on, we will add to our team and new roles will develop. Our whole team is bound by confidentiality and are trained regularly in privacy. A team approach is the way we can continue to offer high quality health care.

After-hours care

If you need health care outside normal surgery hours, phone 04 298 6807 and you will be connected to a triage nurse who will talk to you about your symptoms and options for care. Alternatively, you can go directly to the Practice Plus website,, our online healthcare partner for after-hours care, where you can follow a few simple steps to create an account and connect with a GP.

You can also call Healthline on 0800 611 116 for general medical advice, 24 hours a day. Healthline is free of charge, and is staffed by an experienced team that includes registered nurses, paramedics and health advisers.

Paying your account

We are aware that we have higher than average fees, and that you may not always be able to pay on the day of your appointment. We welcome payments by internet banking, as well as regular automatic payments. Please contact us on 04 298 6807 for more information on setting up a regular automatic payment. Our bank account for online payments is 03-0732-0443448-000.

Please note that we do use a debt collection agency. If your account remains unpaid after an extended period of time, and you have not responded to our attempts to contact you, your account will be sent to our debt collection agency. If you have a regular automatic payment then this will not occur.

Making a complaint

Please see our complaints procedure attached here