Specialty Services

Toenail wedge resection for the treatment of an ingrown toenail

*You do not need to be a registered patient of the practice to access this service

A toenail wedge resection is a minor surgery for ingrown toenails to permanently remove a wedge on the affected toenail. All patients will require an initial appointment for the GP to review the affected toenail/s and discuss the procedure, a second appointment for the surgery to take place (30-45minutes) and a series of follow-up bookings with our nurse to review the wound.

Fees – payment is required at the time of service:

  • Initial appointment: $50.00
  • Surgery and follow-up package (one toenail): $550.00
  • Surgery and follow-up package (two toenails): $650.00

To request a booking for a toenail wedge resection, please complete and submit the following form and we will contact you to arrange a time.

Form for toenail resection appointment